Monday, February 10, 2014


配合马年,人人都在马背上加上自己想要的东西,象征着马上,立刻可以得到的意思. 放上一枚铜币在马背上象征着 “马上有钱” ,马背上有只苍蝇就是 “马上赢”,马背上有对大象就是 “马上有对象”. 哈哈... 是不是很有趣.  


2014 Lunar year will be the year of horse. In Mandarin, the words "马上" (pronounce as "ma shang")which mean on the horseback,have the same meaning as "immediately". 

So, everyone tend to put something on the horseback to symbolise they can get the thing immediately, its something like dreams come true! For example, if you put money on the horseback, it means you will get rich immediately! 

For me, I just want a cat! 
Mom, can I keep a cat?

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