Tuesday, December 17, 2013

F.A.B Christmas Bazaar behind the scene

F.A.B Christmas Bazaar is finally over...
It's my first time to join the F.A.B Bazaar and I think it's wonderful! Cause I met lot's of cat lovers there. Some of them show me their beloved cat photo and share their experience with me :)

This time, most of my illustrations and handmade are cats. I think that's why attract lots of cats lover, hahaha...

And I would like to thank those who spend their time and slowly look thru my handmade. Also, thanks for my friends and family for all the support, xoxo.

Now, I would like to share some of the work in progress photos with you. Enjoy, and have a nice day!

Painting a Reindeer cat with big red nose just like Rudolph!

Pinting, painting, painting...
Got myself some new MT masking tape, the colour is so adorable.
Preparing some ice cream stick name card.
The ice cream stick name card is done!
Taking some time out while working on my handmade, I tried to paint on a banana peel >_<

Dreamy rabbit.

After working on with clay, this is how my hand looks like...

Preparing for Message In A Bottle.

The paintings are done!

My Christmas series of Message In A Bottle.

Some of the necklace that I prepare for the F.A.B Christmas Bazaar.

My little shop manager (Day 1)

My little shop manager (Day 2)

My little stall :)

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