Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Be Afraid, Do it Anyway

I've been working in the fashion industry for 5 years after graduated. But I have decided to resign few months ago & go beyond myself, let myself explore anything that is possible... You would never know who or what you will meet if you keep staying at your comfort zone.
 " Be afraid, do it anyway " this is what I've told myself.

Coincidentally, I start helping at my friend's studio. It's a good opportunity for me to broaden my view in design field & it also allowed me to do what I always wanted to do, handmade and illustration.

 Some of them feels pity for me when they knew I have resign, after all I have been doing for the past 5 years. And now everything comes to zero.

 I can't promise my new job will suit me, and I'm facing unpredictable future, unstable income... but I'm afraid I will regret if I don't do it.

 The world is beautiful and it's full of possibilities, only if you go out and make them happen :)

* All picture taken with Lomo Fisheye during my vacation.

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