Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market 9

This is my 3rd time participating Pipit Wonderful Market (PWM). As Pipit announce, this would be the last Pipit Wonderful Market. It make me feel sad. However, I will keep on chasing my dream :) & all the best to Pipit.

For this Wonderful market, most of my handmade are cat, cat in a bottle, cat prints, necklace, ring... I LOVE CAT!
I will show you some of the photos behind the scene and on the day itself. Enjoy ~~~

P.S. For my family, friends, Pipit, everyone that like my handmade & everyone that came to PWM 9, I would like to said THANK YOU. Thanks for all the support, the love and compliment. It meant so much to me! Have a nice day ;)

Welcome to booth 32!
Well, this is my booth.
The crowds at PWM 9
More crowds!

I like how they decorate the window :)
The booth manager

Cat in a bottle

The day before PWM 9

The prints are ready!

Work in progress.

The cat are almost ready!

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