Friday, December 30, 2011

HAPPY 2012

"Silently and quickly", 2011 is close to the end, but it looks like there are ton of things I still haven't finish. Never mind, I will continue it in 2012. Doesn't that sounds GREAT!!!

My miniature doll house that can't finish in 2011, hope I can finish it in 2012 :)

Trying to expend my wall of inspiration...

My birthday present, Lomo Widescreen. Hope I can add
another Lomo camera in my collection list. >_<

Had a enjoyable Christmas with my families and friends *_*

It's been a great 2011 for K'ling Kalang, but of course with ups and downs.
But I wouldn't give up, it's something I enjoy so much.
So, why would I?

Will try to bring my suitcase everywhere I go. Make friends with anyone
that loves my handmade.

Lastly, Spoty (my cat) & I would like to said : "HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE!!!"


  1. 为什么菜猫身后有Tat Loo? 还把它装扮成那样,可怜的猫儿啊。。。