Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's get mess in the Kitchen

I made a cheese cake few days ago. It looks nice. I told myself it's going to be delicious. I cut it, i taste it, and...

I always love baking. I think baking is not easy but it's interesting. You get everything mix up together and it turn into something very unique!
But not every time you get a successful one. I think baking a cake or anything else depends on the mood of the baker. You got to have the hap
py, relax and calm environment or mood with you. The first ever cupcake that I successfully bake is for that special someone (but it end up I ate all the cupcakes myself >_<).

Yey, the red bean agar that i prepare for picnic, not bad :)

Let's get mess in the kitchen! Weeeeee..eeee...eee
(But my mom have to clean up all the mess that i made. Sorry, mom!)

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